Letton Hall has been used over the last 40 years by many groups. For some, particularly youth groups, it has been a place to get away, have fun and make a lot of noise! For others Letton has served as a place to meet quietly with God.

In 2020 we are planning to run a programme of Guided Retreats through the year. These are intended for anyone who is looking to take a few days out from their normal routines. Noticing when we need to step aside from the World and the busyness of life to draw near to God, stepping out of what is usual, to stand, stop , be still, notice and pay attention.

Come just as you are, as an individual, couple or a group. We welcome you to Letton Hall For guided retreats, led by Revd. D. Hamilton-Grey and invited guest speakers. Retreats will consist of group sessions at the start and end of each day there is opportunity to meet with someone for a one-on-one session of listening / spiritual direction.

The programme of retreats can be found at the below link.

Retreat Programme

Invitation to our Autumn Bible Focus

With Andy Barnard

30th September to 3rd October 2019


This Year we will be running “Walk through the Bible – Old Testament Live.”

The week is designed to give you an overview of the whole of the Old Testament. During the four days we will be looking at some of the key themes and structures that underpin the whole of the Old Testament. We will also look at how the different books match up chronologically to follow the story of Gods people in the order in which it happens.

Whilst this is only an overview we hope it will encourage you to read and dig deeper in to the Bible.

For further information, please see the leaflet and booking form below.


Booking Form

Please print the booking form and return to the Letton Hall Office to reserve your place.

Please contact the office if you have any questions!

If you haven’t been before, please give it a try! There will be a warm welcome, great food, good teaching, joyful worship and a very relaxed ambiance! And if you have been before, thank you, and please come again!!

New Tariffs for next year now available!

For anyone who checks our website on a regular basis, you may notice a few changes.

Most importantly our Tariffs for next year are now available – we’ve reworked the format for these this year to make them as user friendly as we can.

We have over the last few months undertaken a full review of our Catering operation. As a result of this we have substantially reduced our Catering prices for next year, by 25% in fact!

If you’ve already booked in your group but would like to have a chat about the Catering options with this pricing in mind please contact our office to discuss, even if you’re booked in this year!

2020 Residential Tariff – Final

Additionally we have also added an extra Tariff this year for Day conferences and room hire. Rather than charging per person for this you’ll now pay a flat rate for a room and half or full day hire is available. Catering options will still be charged per person.

2020 Room hire – Conference Tariff – Final

As a staff team we really want to make Letton Hall as useful to groups as possible, so if there is anything you’d like to do here and it isn’t covered by any of the Tariffs please contact the office!


Would you like to come and take a look around the grounds and house at Letton Hall?

We are running two Christmas themed Afternoon Teas on the 3rd and 17th of December.

For £25 you can have Afternoon tea for 2, prepared by our in house Caterer, for these events we are serving a Christmas themed menu!

If you are thinking of using Letton for an event or just want a pleasant afternoon at a Country house then this is ideal for you. You can also purchase a voucher as a gift.

Booking will be required as spaces are limited. Please contact our office at info@lettonhall.org if you would like to book or ring us on 01362 820717.

The good weather recently has helped us get stuck into a lot of work around Letton the last couple of weeks.

The doors around the Stable courtyard have all been stripped back and work done to repair the bottoms. This not only makes the courtyard look much nicer but will help to keep the rooms that bit warmer and weather proof!


We’ve also got started again on our window restoration project. A few windows around the house have been taken out and replaced with temporary ones. This enables Peter, our windows contractor, to get a really good look at the frames and get to work on building new parts to replace some rotten timbers. This will be ongoing for a while, but the windows that have already been done look brilliant, and are so well balanced that you can open them a finger!

Around the grounds we’ve put up the new fence at the top of the walled garden to separate the shed and the guest area, as those of you who follow the Facebook page will know! We’ve also made a start on clearing some of the large Laurel bushes (trees!) from along the driveway to open up the orchard and let some more light in!

And all of this is happening around our normal activities and guests coming and going. All of the work we are doing is focused around improving the facilities here at Letton for those that come and use any part of the site. We have also started to gather materials to redecorate the Library in the Hall, but details and before and after pictures for that will come in another post!

As always the staff and volunteers at Letton do value your support in whatever form it comes, either physical, financial or in prayer, we want Letton to be a place that people use and enjoy. Most importantly we want it to be a place where people can take time out to meet with God and we hope that all the work we do helps to facilitate that if only in a small way!


Still learning and Ready for more after all these years!”

As a friend of Letton, we hope that you will be able to come and join us for our Spring Break.

We are delighted to be welcoming Phil & Patsy Webb back to Letton Hall. Phil will be sharing with us on the subject of  what God has to say about our great worth and role in walking with Him as we “leave our youth behind”! What can we learn from some of the most remarkable bible heroes and heroines who had more “miles on the clock” than us? In a very real sense, The best is yet to come!

Phil has a way of gently and interestingly taking us into fresh ways of seeing old things, sometimes helping us face difficult themes we might naturally try and avoid, only to discover that “hey – we actually get that”! He studies deeply and widely in his preparations but his humble delivery brings us teaching which is inspired, inspiring, amusing, challenging and useful.

Phil has been a school teacher, a youth leader, a church pastor and itinerant bible teacher. He and Patsy have also been part of the prayer ministry and teaching team with Ellel Ministies. They were faithful pioneers in the early days of Letton’s ministry and Phil served as a Trustee here until 2016. They are now retired and living in Donington, Lincolnshire, part of New Life Church, Sleaford.

We have reduced the price this year as we are keen for as many people as possible to come and enjoy this event. If you haven’t been before, please give it a try! There will be a warm welcome, great food, good teaching, joyful worship and a very relaxed ambience! And if you have been before, thank you, and please come again!!


If you would like to book please contact our office via telephone or email.

At the end of last week we finished putting another fully restored window back into the Cambridge bedroom in the Hall. The view out from this bedroom over the fields is beautiful and its great to have it back unobscured, with a window you can open and close… although its a bit chilly to keep it open right now!

Over the summer it may have seemed that Noah’s Ark was arriving at Letton Hall as in the last few weeks a major piece of infrastructure has been installed. Over recent years it became clear that Letton’s 200 year old sewerage system was starting to fail. With more than 50 toilets, showers, sinks and baths all flowing through the crumbling system – there was only one solution – Noah’s Ark!

During the hot month of August contractors and Letton Hall maintenance staff routed meters of new armoured cabling for pumping stations plus hundreds of meters of underground pipes. Now all of Letton’s liquid waste is now processed in a 1000 litre container – all buried under rolling Norfolk fields! Apparently the output of this sewage system is good enough to drink but we’ll take their word for that one!

Now, after significant planning, work and investment, nothing can been seen on the surface as you look out over Letton’s idyllic pastoral landscape and the parts of Letton Hall we all prefer not to think about will remain buried for another 200 years.


For anyone who missed it… a few changes around Letton Hall this Summer.

Danny and Alison Pritchard departed at the end of June. Danny has taken up a new role as a hospital chaplain.

This has led to a few staff changes about the place. Firstly, Jon Horrox has stepped up to being the Centre Manager, whilst continuing to keep an eye over the maintenance of the buildings at Letton. Secondly, Penny Wheeler has taken a position in the office as our administrator. So if you call or email into the office you’ll almost certainly be speaking with her. Lastly, Tim Blanche has joined the team as the Assistant Centre Manager. Tim has moved from Cardiff with his wife, Jo, and two children. For the last month they have been settling in and making Letton Hall home!

Throughout we have continued to work on projects around the house. The first of the Dining Room windows has now been fully restored and reinstated. A new sewage processing system has also been installed which was badly needed.

There is still a lot going on, so please pray for us as a team. As always with buildings of this size and age there are daily decisions to be made and plenty of work to be prioritised. Please pray for wisdom for the Trustees and staff as we meet and make often difficult choices.




It has been a while since we posted a blog but extreme weather and a busy calendar have kept us fully occupied!

The heavy snow meant that we were unable to get in or out of Letton for several days and we were concerned the biomass boilers might run out of fuel. Thankfully this was not the case and our intrepid fuel delivery company got through! However, we were not too surprised when two of our weekend guest groups had to cancel.

Despite all of the snow and continuing wet weather, we have been free of any serious problems – no frozen pipes or leaks and only minor issues with the roof to resolve, we are very grateful to God for His love and protection.

Well, that’s a brief update – so now for the big news!

At the end of June, after five years as the Managers, Danny & Alison Pritchard will be leaving Letton Hall. They will be moving on when Danny takes up a position as Chaplain at the James Paget Hospital, Gorleston. It is a big change and they are busy looking at houses closer to Great Yarmouth and suitable work for Alison in that area.

At Letton Hall, Jon Horrox will be taking over as Manager and, together with the trustees, he is reviewing the staff and management structures for the future. Immediately we are advertising two positions; Assistant Centre Manager and Maintenance Technician. If you follow the link below, you will find more details.

All of us would appreciate your prayers for the next few months:

For Danny and Alison as they move on, for provision of a good home and for employment for Alison.

For Jon and the team and trustees at Letton Hall, for God’s guidance as they look for the right people to join the team and cope with the changes coming up.

If you would like to know more about the vacancies please follow this link:  VACANCIES

We are grateful for your love and support!

Danny & Alison, Jon & Gill