An Early Spring…

The good weather recently has helped us get stuck into a lot of work around Letton the last couple of weeks.

The doors around the Stable courtyard have all been stripped back and work done to repair the bottoms. This not only makes the courtyard look much nicer but will help to keep the rooms that bit warmer and weather proof!


We’ve also got started again on our window restoration project. A few windows around the house have been taken out and replaced with temporary ones. This enables Peter, our windows contractor, to get a really good look at the frames and get to work on building new parts to replace some rotten timbers. This will be ongoing for a while, but the windows that have already been done look brilliant, and are so well balanced that you can open them a finger!

Around the grounds we’ve put up the new fence at the top of the walled garden to separate the shed and the guest area, as those of you who follow the Facebook page will know! We’ve also made a start on clearing some of the large Laurel bushes (trees!) from along the driveway to open up the orchard and let some more light in!

And all of this is happening around our normal activities and guests coming and going. All of the work we are doing is focused around improving the facilities here at Letton for those that come and use any part of the site. We have also started to gather materials to redecorate the Library in the Hall, but details and before and after pictures for that will come in another post!

As always the staff and volunteers at Letton do value your support in whatever form it comes, either physical, financial or in prayer, we want Letton to be a place that people use and enjoy. Most importantly we want it to be a place where people can take time out to meet with God and we hope that all the work we do helps to facilitate that if only in a small way!


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