Credit where it is due

We are delighted that our new website has been shortlisted in the Network Norfolk and Norwich : Digital Media Awards, in the category ‘Best Christian Organisation Website’.  Whilst we are pleased that our efforts have received even this much recognition and would be delighted to win the award, any praise should be shared with the remarkable people who helped put it together.

We never met our designers at Storkey Media, but based on one exploratory interview with Caleb Storkey, to establish our hopes and ideas for the site, they managed to interpret our needs and requirements brilliantly and have created a truly functional and attractive site.  A few details of that functionality are still to come, including an interface with our online database and bookings system, but most is up and running.

Although most of the written content is our responsibility, their design, coupled with Kirsty Cussens‘ stunning photography has produced a very pleasing result from our point of view but, ultimately, the website is for the benefit of our guests, enquirers and customers.  This obvious but often neglected principle has shaped the style of the site, which aims to offer a positive customer journey from first enquiry to final visit.  Eventually, the site will connect people to our bookings system and provide access to help at every stage of the relationship, including eBooks and resources to help plan a stay.

We are committed to continual improvement of the website and welcome feedback, so do let us know if you have any thoughts or observations.  It was somewhat ironic that on the day we heard we were shortlisted, our host’s server went down (through no fault of their own I might add!) meaning that no-one could access the site but, thankfully, we are up and running again!  We are very grateful to Richard Green at Tricky Web for his continued support of Letton Hall.

If you are so inclined, you can vote for our site by visiting the awards page!


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