Noah’s Ark

Over the summer it may have seemed that Noah’s Ark was arriving at Letton Hall as in the last few weeks a major piece of infrastructure has been installed. Over recent years it became clear that Letton’s 200 year old sewerage system was starting to fail. With more than 50 toilets, showers, sinks and baths all flowing through the crumbling system – there was only one solution – Noah’s Ark!

During the hot month of August contractors and Letton Hall maintenance staff routed meters of new armoured cabling for pumping stations plus hundreds of meters of underground pipes. Now all of Letton’s liquid waste is now processed in a 1000 litre container – all buried under rolling Norfolk fields! Apparently the output of this sewage system is good enough to drink but we’ll take their word for that one!

Now, after significant planning, work and investment, nothing can been seen on the surface as you look out over Letton’s idyllic pastoral landscape and the parts of Letton Hall we all prefer not to think about will remain buried for another 200 years.


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