Old dogs and new tricks

So, we have a new website – and it’s looking good (well, we think so!) There is, however, one small problem…

No-one likes a static, uninteresting website! To be really effective (they say) a website needs to be constantly updated with fresh content, like videos and blogs. Never let it get out of date! Keep it fresh! Connect it up to social media!

The trouble is, for those of us with responsibility for this website this is unknown territory and there is a whole new world to explore and skills to learn. But learn we will! So this is by way of an experiment, a test, if not a trial… Can we succeed in posting one new blog on the live site (the others were written as the site was being put together) and even get some response to it?

So, help us out. Take a look at the new website, browse the blog posts and maybe be kind enough to encourage us with a reply? Who knows, we might even post some more!


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  1. Jacinta

    Hello, today i phoned up about the Life gap year, and came to read your blog. It’s a lovely website with aspects of beauty, community and care. Well done for all your hard work, and keep going.
    God bless

  2. Post

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