Autumn Bible Focus 2022


Autumn Bible Focus 2022

Monday 3rd – Thursday 6th October


The Upper Room

 A study of Jesus’ last teaching session with his Disciples before his death and resurrection.

 Imagine you have the chance to pass on your last words of advice to those you love the most before you leave them for ever. This is why Jesus meets in the upper room and speaks with his disciples.

At the heart of what he says is

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me”

We are looking forward to welcoming George Howard as our speaker

George became a Christian through the work of the Methodist Church in the north of England. They taught and trained him to put his roots down into Christ and speak about his faith. He later served for 18 years with The Navigators, was then ordained into the Anglican ministry and worked for a further 25 years in three different Churches. He is  now retired and lives in Suffolk with his wife Chris.



During the course of the four days there are a number of sessions of Bible study, prayer and worship.

As always, our Chef will be producing a great menu of food through the week and Day visitors are welcome to join us for meals.

The price for the whole event is £195 (includes all meals and accommodation)

Non-residential Whole Event £105 (includes lunches and evening meals)

Day Visitor starting from £9.50 (includes access to sessions, meals can be added if required)

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