Spring Break 25th – 28th April 2022

Meet George Howard

We are delighted to be welcoming George to Letton Hall as the

Guest Speaker for Spring Break this year

Monday 25th – Thursday 28th April 2022



George became a Christian through the work of the Methodist Church in the north of England. They taught and trained him to put his roots down into Christ and speak about his faith. He later served for 18 years with The Navigators, was then ordained into the Anglican ministry and worked for a further 25 years in three different Churches. He is  now retired and lives in Suffolk with his wife Chris.

The subject for Spring Break this year is

Proverbial Wisdom

A study in the book of proverbs

 Living the Christian life is a bit like looking after a complex garden. For our lives to look anything like it should, we need all the help we can get, and the Bible is the place to find it.

George will spend some time thinking about the practical help that is available in the book of Proverbs.

Proverbs is full of simple words that can pack a punch.

Here’s one to think about…….

“A rich man is not one who has much, but rather, one who needs little…….”

There will be the opportunity to visit one of Norfolk’s many local places of interest as well as plenty of time to relax and catch up with friends, old & new.

Our Chef will be producing a great menu of food through the week with Day visitors welcome to join us for meals.

The price for the whole event is £170 with all meals and accommodation but you can also join for just some of the sessions if you can’t make the whole event.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Spring Break at Letton Hall

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