Celebrating success

Letton Hall have just recovered a Food hygiene rating of 5 (the highest possible)  which represents a great achievement by our team.


Changing attitudes and approaches meant that some of the old ways of doing things at Letton Hall (how many of you can remember the outside wash-up area in Dolphin Court?) were no longer acceptable and, until we had put right some of those things, we were marked down.

Gill Horrox has worked tirelessly to improve the situation since joining the management team at Letton and has been greatly assisted by our housekeeping team, especially Belinda Walpole, who scrupulously cleans our kitchens most weeks. Replacing a lot of equipment and putting in new flooring in some areas, as well as the increased confidence in the management have all contributed to this success. Gill has also brought in new practices to keep us in line with changing legislation, including the recent changes in regard to allergies.

As many of our groups are self-catering, it can be difficult at times to maintain our high standards, as we are not always responsible for what is happening in the kitchens, but we have been encouraged by how positively visiting groups have supported our values and approaches.

Congratulations to Gill and the team on a great achievement!


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