Letton Hall Fundraising Appeal

We would like to share with you how things are looking for Letton Hall at this time


Letton Hall has offered residential facilities to many guests and groups for over 35 years and has seen its share of highs and lows throughout those years.

However we now find the Trust in a very difficult financial position and feel it is appropriate to share this with you. We were able to survive COVID and the pressures it placed on us, and may other businesses, with both government and private assistance.

In the last two years we, like many other charities, have seen massive increases in running costs, not least, energy and salary costs. It has not been possible to pass all these costs on to our guests, and as a result our reserves have been depleted to a dangerously low level.

As a Trust, since COVID we have sought grants from both government and private grant givers and in a limited way we have received some funding for emergency repairs.  We now find the Trust in a position where we need financial assistance to survive the upcoming months and to be able to meet our operational costs and legal responsibilities.

We have been and continue to explore alternative sources of income to enable the Trust to continue to provide facilities in line with the Objects of the Charity, to advance the Christian faith generally for the public benefit. We have a number of additional sources of income at their early stages but without financial assistance in the short term, these will never come to fruition and Letton Hall Trust will not be able to continue to operate.

To these ends the Trustees are asking if you are able to financially support the work in the immediate to be able to protect the long term.

This can be done in the following ways :

  • through our Just Giving Page¬†
  • directly to Letton Hall please contact the office on 01362 820717 or email info@lettonhall.org for our bank details
  • through the Support Us page on our website.

We are grateful for any size donation to support the work of the Letton Hall Trust

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