Get in! Opportunities to bring your group away to Letton Hall…

Do you want to bring your church or young people’s group away for a weekend, or summer camp in 2016? Then it is not too late to book at Letton Hall… Why not give us a call?

2016 looks like being a busy year at Letton Hall;  We are busy and full through much of the year, but we do have some great dates available for groups which we would be delighted to fill!

In the Hall, we have a weekend available 15th – 17th July and then free dates between 22nd July and 5th August – offering space for weekend groups, or longer summer camps.  Call us soon to discuss attractive terms for these available dates.



In the Stables there is space between 7th – 21st August and then several weekends available in September and November which we would be glad to fill.  Again, we would be pleased to discuss attractive terms for the summer holiday dates.



For more information or to reserve dates, please contact us at the Letton Hall Office on 01362 820717 or by email:

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