Long distance volunteers!

It has been a delight to welcome some volunteers from New Zealand to Letton Hall recently!

Calvyn and Alice Jonker, together with their daughter Claire have joined the team for two months, staying until the end of June.  It has been a joy to see how well the family have integrated with us – serving with such enthusiasm and generosity.

Calvyn is Pastor of Wanganui East Baptist Church in New Zealand (See: http://www.webc.org.nz/ ) and is taking a sabbatical break, but these three are not the kind of people to just sit on their hands or sun themselves on a beach somewhere! They have had a real impact at Letton, tackling a number of projects that we have not found the time to move forward and helping with ongoing maintenance and serving our guests. Their lovely, cheerful Christian witness is a blessing both to the Letton team, and to our guests

Calvyn pitches in with all areas of maintenance and work in the grounds, is very practical and capable (he also runs a small-holding at home in NZ!) while Alice and Claire have been a big support to in house-keeping and catering as well as being tireless gardeners. As a result of their efforts, our hanging baskets look good, we have a new chicken run complete with 6 chickens, beautifully restored benches and numerous other lovely improvements around the house and grounds.

Just recently, they stepped in as Duty Managers for the weekend, allowing the resident staff to all take a break, which was a real blessing.

Here are some pictures of our new Chooks, settling in to life at Letton …



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