Guided Retreats at Letton Hall

At the centre of Christ’s message to the World is “Love me, love those around you and love yourself.” The third part of this message is often overlooked. Jesus commands us to care for ourselves because we are precious, wonderfully and fearfully made in God’s sight and because we are the gift of love to those around us, the living stones that make up Christ’s gift of love to the world.

Noticing when we need to step aside from the World and the busyness of life to draw near to God, stepping out of what is usual, to stand, stop , be still, notice and pay attention: this is retreat.

Come just as you are, as an individual, couple or a group. We welcome you to Letton Hall For guided retreats, led by Revd. D. Hamilton-Grey and invited guest speakers. Retreats will consist of group sessions at the start and end of each day there is opportunity to meet with someone for a one-on-one session of listening / spiritual direction.

Why not contact us if you have questions about our next guided retreat? Or if you’d like to book a place on a retreat use the booking form.

“Reflection, prayer, quiet, laughter, stillness food and fellowship. Spiritual nourishment for the soul, this is Retreat”

The Revd. Deborah Hamilton-Grey